We're building a superstar team. Join us!

Fast Travel Games is currently growing carefully, and we’re quite picky with who we add to the mix. That said, when we find the right person, we press the hire button fast, regardless if you have tons of experience or not. As long as you meet the criteria below and we come along after we’ve met, you’re fit to join us on our journey to build the VR games of our dreams.


Technical Artist

What we’re looking for:

  • You’re passionate about VR (duh)
  • You have experience of creating games, either as a profession or as a hobby
  • You can contribute hands on to the games we’re building; with code, art, sound or design
  • You strive to build games for the millions, and are eager to give gamers out there a reason for playing in VR
  • You enjoy working in a team environment, and like sharing your ideas with the people around you

​We can talk all day on the great perks and benefits we provide and why we’ve created the workplace we always wanted to work at, but we’d rather do that with you directly. So if you recognize yourself in the description above, drop us a mail. CVs are welcome, but what we mostly will be looking at is your portfolio – showcasing what you’ve created up to this point in your life is vital.

About Fast Travel Games
Fast Travel Games is a VR games studio focused on exploring VR gameplay experiences rich in social and storytelling components. The Stockholm, Sweden-based company was founded in 2016 by industry leading veterans with a proven history of creating the world’s most immensely popular games the likes of Angry Birds 2, Mirror’s Edge and the Battlefield series as leaders at global games studios Rovio, EA, DICE and elsewhere.

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