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Sharpen Your Swords: Fantasy Dueling VR Game ‘Broken Edge’ Available Now

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Fast Travel Games and developer TREBUCHET today announced that Broken Edge, the multiplayer VR sword fighting game, is now available on Meta Quest 2 and SteamVR. Apprentices or decorated duelists can purchase the vibrant combat title for $9.99.

Unsheath your blade and watch the launch trailer here: https://youtu.be/2iGQptG8sBQ

In Broken Edge, aspiring warriors choose an iconic fighter and duel against contenders using unique melee weapons, distinctive fighting styles, and cutting-edge fencing mechanics. Set in a colorful dream-like environment, players can hone their skills solo or prove their prowess in online PvP battles. Competitors who rise to the challenge and defeat their opponents have the opportunity to secure a spot on the global leaderboard.

“Broken Edge is an engaging VR experience that meets you at your skill level”, said Guillaume Perreault Roy, Game Creator at TREBUCHET. “Testing each fighter to find which playstyle you prefer and then winning duels with them in Broken Edge is exhilarating and we look forward to seeing which character you master in the arena!”

Shortly after launch on November 21, TREBUCHET will deploy the first major update for Broken Edge. The update will introduce an improved Training mode, voice chat, in-game leaderboards for online ranked mode, a new arena for the Persian fighter, and more.

Download the media kit here.

To learn more about Broken Edge, visit our official game page, follow @BrokenEdgeVR on all major social media platforms, and join fellow fighters on the game’s Discord.