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Cities: VR First Patch!

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The first patch for Cities: VR is now live, adding a Controller help menu option and enhancing the tutorial to help new players get a good start as mayors. It also includes a range of other improvements like removing the darkest part of the nights, adding a day/night cycle option to the New Game panel & more.

Get Cities: VR on Quest 2 today: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/4046879905345967


Tutorial Improvements:

  • Improved text and images.
  • Added some new steps and moved some existing steps.
  • Added vertical movement instructions
  • Players could previously fail the tutorial due to lost income. Now the economy doesn't kick in until the late stage of the tutorial.
  • Added tooltips to Continue, Minimize and Close buttons.

Saving in game:

  • When starting a new game, a save reminder will pop up after 10 minutes, if the game has not been manually saved during that time
  • When exiting to the Main Menu a confirmation dialog is displayed, to prevent people from losing their progress.


  • Added Day & Night on/off toggle option to New Game panel
  • Brightened up the darkest time of night on all maps
  • Nights are now brighter in the North biome due to it being a lot darker than the other maps
  • Added Controller help to the Pause Menu and Main Menu

-Ray pointer no longer passes through Main Menu panels

  • Tunnels did not deform the terrain correctly; they now cut the terrain to show the tunnel underneath
  • Corrected and optimized some buildings
  • Reduced the distance of the palette switching icons and removed the haptic feedback from the outer distance
  • Moved Bulldoze from the Y button to the X button. Added Back to Y (in addition to the existing mapping of B on the right controller).
  • Changed the option radio buttons to checkboxes in the New Game menu
  • Removed red leak in arrow sprite used on sliders
  • Replaced the Info palette switcher icon
  • Fix to tears in-between patches of water when the player rotates quickly
  • Controllers that run out of batteries or are otherwise disconnected are now turned invisible and not static in front of the player
  • Improved map edges
  • Added a Minimize button to Discord message
  • Added animated FTG logo to the VR intro