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Cities: VR Enhanced Edition PS VR2 Patch Junecities-vr-enhanced-edition-psvr2-patch-june-2023

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Greetings, fellow Mayors

We have news to share, based on your valuable feedback and inspiration we have fine-tuned the game to deliver the best possible city-building experience.

Radio - Enjoy three radio channels added to the game

  • Classical radio: Enjoy certified bangers taking you back to the 1700
  • Cities radio: A varied collection of music you might recognize from other Paradox-published games.
  • Mars radio: A whole collection of music from Surviving Mars.

New buildings

  • Eldercare: Give your seniors the care they deserve.
  • Child health center: Ensure the health & well-being of your future generation.
  • Public library: Give your working adults a chance at education.

New sandbox option

  • Full demand: Allows you to build without the constraints of citizen demands, and always have a demand for zones.

Updated UI - Improved readability and accessibility

  • Improved new game panel to make map selections and information easier
  • New city panel with easier navigation and readability
  • New building & citizen information panels with improved readability
  • Healthcare & education has new tabs for their new buildings.
  • Emptying and storing corpses and garbage (Cemetery and landfill) now change the icon to represent what it is doing
  • Full demand is shown in save game and load game


  • Moved some settings for easier navigation and grouping.
  • Added new in-game settings allowing the player to toggle day/night cycle in their save
  • Toggle building problems notifications for a more immersive experience
  • Set the amount of controller smoothing
  • Toggle between smooth turning and snap turning


  • Localized text now updates correctly when switching between languages.
  • Fixed missing notification images.
  • Various small fixes.


  • Fixed game freezing during loading
  • Movement speed slider**
  • Change the movement speed while in the game
  • And lastly, new tutorial videos containing new updated UI.